Aging Centers, Inc. was organized as a NJ non-profit organization in 1993, receiving a 501 (c) 3 status from the IRS. It was co-founded by Grace Monaco and Tim Cassidy. While Tim’s background is scattered throughout this website, Grace was a former District of Columbia Federal Judge and was one of the original founders of the Candlelighters Foundation and championed prevention with HMO’s during her esteemed career.

Preventive Aging Centers initially focused on providing healthcare screenings and wellness programs to seniors, including those in nursing homes, long-term care and senior living facilities, senior housing, and general public. Preventive Aging Centers sponsored a variety of programs including screenings such as the local heart day where a vendor assisted us in conducting single lead EKG as a screening to pharmaceutical interaction screening to screenings from nurses and a variety of doctors.

By 1995, Preventive Aging Center expanded in its offering of intergenerational programs. These programs included children/youth from three to 18 and varied depending on the age of youth and the age and abilities of seniors. There were many programs which matched nursing home bound seniors and others such as mentoring or a chore volunteer program which interacted teens with seniors in the community.

We are most proud of our Pre-School Senior Companion Program and always willing to assist a long-term care or senior living facility establish this very valuable program.

Ask us for more information on how to match seniors and youth.