Preventive Aging Centers, Inc. is a nonprofit organization co-founded in 1992 by Timothy B. Cassidy, its Executive Director, and Grace Powers Monaco. Its mission is to provide free wellness and Intergenerational Programs to senior citizens in the community. The interaction of older seniors and children is mutually beneficial, with the following results:

  • Personal growth and clarifies values
  • Improves personal and family relationships
  • Understand and appreciate diversity
  • Become better supporters and leaders
  • Learn specific skills
  • Have fun
  • Augment or replace grandparents and or grandchildren

The program connects children from local child care centers, day camps, area schools, YMCA’s, Boy Scout and Girl Scout Troops and other local youth centers with senior citizens who predominately reside in nursing facilities. Many seniors are not ambulatory and are “trapped” by medical complexities. For them the joy and companionship the children provide is immeasurable. Preventive Aging Centers focuses its efforts on collaborative programs within local community Head Start Programs. In this program, the children are willing participants and their parents are encouraged to get involved assisting at various events. Head Start staff and parents are ideal volunteers for the Program (and often as well as in other capacities) at long term care facilities thus limiting the need for additional staff at the facility.

During these visits, the two groups participate in a variety of activities including craft projects, coloring contests, sing-a-longs, sharing and telling stories and a wide variety of games. They also come together at several special events throughout the year, such as holiday luncheons. Residents who look forward to visits and correspondence from their “foster grandchildren” show more positive attitudes and memory improvement than the non-participating residents.

Preventive Aging Center’s mission is to assist health care facility operators establish their own Preschool/Senior Companion Program. Information for operators on how to establish this program is available at no charge.

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