About Us

This site is a very soft launch, with the “us” a team in development, including the Board of Directors, committees and volunteers.

Contemplated Organizational Structure

We plan on organizing a non-profit organization dedicated to the mission(s) of this website, namely to connect churches with churches for the benefit of youth, children and special needs adults.

We expect an organization that has substantial diversity, including a Board of Directors that has clergy or pastors from at least six to seven different denominations. We also expect the Board to include several members of academia and a few others. Eventually, we do anticipate the Board would grow to 13-15 members.

Separately, we will be organizing separate committees, including the following:

  • Youth Ministry Council – This would be comprised primarily of youth ministers and those dedicated to children, youth and special needs adults.
  • Educational and Lifelong Learning Advisory Board.
  • Technical Advisory Committee for Website Development.

If you have interest in any of these particular areas, please provide some details and background and email us for discussion.

Would you like to be part of the team? If so, please reach out and tell us why and how.

Tim Cassidy, founder/organizer http://www.ChristianYouthServices.org recently published Uniting Principles (Measured by Asking What Would Jesus Do?), which is availably for free at the link below:

Download the PDF of Uniting Principles (Measured by Asking What Jesus Would Do)