Giving Back

There are lots of ways all of us can give back. As mentioned throughout this site in its initial soft launch, our Mission is to give back. Tim’s company, Senior Consulting, LLC, tithes thirty percent (30%) minimum on all projects it develops. We seek like-minded partners.

There are many examples of giving back in my home church. I came to know Ralph Voorhees very late in life after his dementia was quite far along. Ralph was integral in the selection process of Pastor Seth and Pastor Stephanie (who would likely not have been at the Reformed Church to do the great and unique work in giving back that has been established throughout the congregation), without Ralph being in the lead of the Pastor Search Committee almost 20 years ago. Ralph and his brother, Alan, the well-known transportation engineer and urban planner, provided substantial financial support to the church both before and after Ralph’s passing several years ago.

Jennifer lived a fulfilling and worthy Christian life. Jennifer was a church friend who died in a car accident. She lived her life through her children and in giving back. She cleaned houses for a living and worked hard for her kids, but she was able to find time to transport seniors or stop in just to find out how they were doing.

There are so many ways to give back. Very often with strong involvement of the congregation or a team and strong leadership, much can be accomplished without cost or with limited financial support.

We hope many will volunteer in so many ways to help our mission, but more so, we hope you have or find the faith the live your life as a mission to give back.

Ask yourself, “How do I give back?” Think hard, and then ask, “Want can I do to give back more in His name?” Make a list and then in the famous words of Nike, “Just Do It.”

To volunteer to build this site including our database of interactive Christian Youth Services and Programs, please tell us your background and how you would like to help.