Journey of Faith

My parents were Catholic and Methodist, but never much of church goers. As a student of history, I struggled with the oxymoron of religious wars through the Middle Ages and the history of the church, a  mixed bag which was surely not God’s intent. Since the age of six when my mother dragged me a month of Sunday’s in a row, I had not been to church more than once or twice a year to attend the typical holidays of many until about six years ago. As of early 2015, I have visited at least 20 different churches for Sunday worship, but settled in with a church I now attend regularly, the Reformed Church of Highland Park in Highland Park, NJ.

Over the last few years I have taken the next step as a Christian in expressing my faith (including Stories of Faith) and in trying to be a good influence to others in their journey of faith that is centered on the beliefs we have a loving and forgiving God. I live my life as a mission to give back in His name.

My faith has evolved over the years, particularly in the past two to three years as my prayers have literally been answered in many ways, including my Company being the owner of and the pending These Blessings will require additional Blessings in the form of good (and great) people to come to fruition.

Please reach out and tell us how you can help.