For now, stories that follow will be from Tim Cassidy of Senior Consulting. We envision these stories being replaced with stories of testimony from as many contributors as possible in a sortable and easily searched and found manner.

With many senior living and senior housing projects in development, it is difficult to find the personal time to write, a personal enjoyment of mine. Writing about my faith gives me great joy. The stories below are for the potential enjoyment or hopeful benefit of the reader. Faith comes in many forms, with our growth as Christians and as individuals always a process. We should never stop learning in general let alone learning the principles of a Christian life rooted in the Bible.

Faith Inspired Prose

Free Book Offer – “Embracing His Journey, Reflections and Stories of a Born Again Christian” by Tim Cassidy. Now available free of charge for a limited time to spread positive messages of his Christian beliefs. Selected chapters can be found below:

Within the next two to three years, I expect to finish a book in process that is a complete testimony titled “Blessed Mirrors.”

Thanks for reading.